CBD Oil comes touting a long list of potential health benefits. And while the majority of its health benefits are not yet backed by hard science, we can’t discount the clinical evidence that this supplement can actually work. CBD has very little affinity for our cannabinoid receptors, unlike THC. Instead, CBD works in non-cannabinoid receptors and channels. This enables it to exert its physiological effects and potential medical benefits.

As the prime choice on Amazon, Cultivax CBD oil may not tout some of the features found in our higher placed products, but it does provide an effective and natural product that has a high success rate. New Age’s premium hemp oil provides a large dose of CBD alongside omega-3 and omega-6 to give you the best possible health benefits. It also vegan-friendly, organic, and GMO-free, making it appealing for multiple lifestyles. I’ve been taking CBD oil consistently for the past 14 days and my cycle is now 15 days late! Right now, I’m experiencing period-like symptoms but I am blood-free.

Thank you for this article, I’m going to officially shelve my CBD gummies. But, it appears that my periods are either heavier or flow a lot faster, during usage. Therefore, I suspect that CBD oil is a natural blood thinner. When it comes to our periods and the health of our hormones and fertility, using CBD Oil should be done with caution.

I’d recommend working with a trained CBD gummies for sale practitioner (like me!) to figure out why you aren’t getting a period in the first place. We can then determine if CBD Oil is something that would be beneficial in your health and wellness routine.

This keeps it from producing the psychoactive, mind-altering effects of THC. If you find your side effects becoming worse, you should stop taking CBD and consult a doctor before continuing.