Federal budget 2017: housing

Federal budget 2017: housing; infrastructure and good; bad debt; education; foreign affairs and trade; labour; public services; energy and environment; finance; media; health; education; housing; security; foreign investment; foreign policy and international affairs; tax; defence; water, waste, climate and land management; government services; water resources, energy and environment; infrastructure spending

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Brexit impact

1.5 million jobs lost – if current rates of UK EU migration are to continue.

£10.4bn is lost due to the uncertainty about a trade deal.

$14bn is lost due to uncertainty about the direction of economic policy; and this is expected to drop from £16bn to £15bn. The impact of these decisions is expected to cause a 2% reduction in earnings per share.

2.1 million jobs are protected; about the same as they would be if they had voted to Remain.

The EU27 balance sheet is stronger than that of the UK, with a £1.9tn debt and a UK net foreign assets of almost £1.2tn.

3바카라.4 million jobsgospelhitz are lost due to the UK leaving the EU – 1.3 million jobs is the equivalent of one full-time job lost for every household in the UK. The UK is now second only to China in terms of the number of jobs it loses due to immigration.

Total loss: – £11bn

EU Migration:

Total EU citizens: 8.6million (2017)

EU nationals: 15.7million (2016)

EU citizens: 40.바카라1million (2017)

EU nationals: 5.5million (2016)

EU migrants in the UK: 11.4 million. This is up from just 2.9million in 2016. EU nationals constitute a significant proportion of the UK population and comprise nearly 40% of employment in the UK.

EU net migration – to the UK: 3million (2016). It is currently at an all-time high of 10.3million. The UK is also the country in the world with the highest non-UK migration rate, which is estimated at 7.1million in 2017, followed by Australia (4.1million) and Ireland (5.2million).

Net flows:


Total numbers: -3,200,000

EU nationals: -5,600,000

EU migrants in Britain: 2.4million