The «Log» function on a graphing or scientific calculator is a key that allows you to work with logarithms. Logarithms are ways to figure out what exponents you need to multiply into a specific number. For example, using the «Log» function on the number 10 would reveal that you have to multiply your base number of 10 by itself one time to equal the number 10. The log function on all calculators works essentially the same way. If you have read the post carefully, now you should know how to do exponents on the default calculator app of the iPhone Panecal Scientific Calculator apk.

  • It is self-sufficient for learner and if you are used to it then you can buy in-app upgrade.
  • To turn the regular calculator into a scientific one, you just need to move your iPhone a certain way.
  • Therefore, you can utilize this app to check the formulas, which empowers you to avoid input mistakes and calculation errors.
  • Interestingly, a lot of iPhone users are also facing these issues.
  • Photomath turns a phone’s camera into a calculator, with users able to use their camera viewfinder to scan and instantly solve math problems.
  • Arithmetic operations, inverse trigonometric, logarithmic, power, power root, factorials, absolute values, and percent calculations.

A Mode button provides access to trigonometric and logarithmic functions. The app’s settings menu provides hexadecimal, binary and octal support, as well as a viewable 50-line operation history. The $3.49 pro version allows for a 1,000-line history, support for five-line expressions, and additional visual themes. It seems almost a shame to just call Scalar a calculator, as this Android app does a ton more. Certainly, it’s a capable scientific calculator, with arguments, functions, user-defined functions, arguments and variables. But what makes Scalar shine is its script creation and editing tools for automating routine or advanced calculations, complete with syntax aides to help you organize your script writing.

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Users can plug in the numbers with the traditional keyboard or input equations through voice or photo mode, and then label each number and variable for quick search and recall. Gesture controls let you rearrange elements of each equation, and you can save formulas and variables or break down individual variables into sub-equations. Calcularium does come with a lot of features, making the built-in video tutorials narrated by Siri a particularly useful function. Fundamental mathematical calculations are required to be performed in every step of human life.

It has enabled load calculator, currency converter, compound interest calculator, MIRR calculator, return on investment calculator and others. You can easily use this amazing bug free calculator app to calculate anything. Real Citizen Calculator is one of the best free calculator apps for android and iOS users. It gives you real calculator experience on your smartphone. It has two different modes, one for normal calculator and other is for bussiness & education. Scientific calculator apps are very helpful now in solving math problems.

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It seems to be a calculator interface built on top of the Symja CAS system, so that many more functions are available through the “programming” interface. In order not to bore you with repetitious detail, I’m showing the result as a comparison table, plus some notes. Ditto for constants and common formulas that otherwise one might have to look up in a book.