To get a figure, activate any bonus next to such a stone three times or use the Super Hammer or Hammer boosters. On some levels there are obstacles chests, and the keys to them are scattered throughout the field. Make chips with keys of the same color to clean the chests. The chest opens first, the keyhole of which is lit. Portals Portals appear at some levels of the game and connect different parts of the field to each other. Once in blue portals, items drop out of yellow portals in another part of the field.

  • Match four or more identical pieces in a line to grab a power-up and use it to smash nearby items without wasting a move.
  • As an introductory level, Red Panda is also available to jump in for help upon having ten apples below in its meter.
  • You will certainly enjoy this game out and you will see that there will be a lot of match-3 levels for you to try out.
  • If you spend 180 to continue, the game sees you as a ‘spender’; you’re more likely to just-about-not-win a level, with 1/2 pieces left, to entice you to spend another 180.
  • If you don’t want to use this feature, simply turn off the purchase option in your device’s «Restrictions» menu.
  • By clicking on the progress indicator, you will find out how many points you need to score to level up.
  • Piggy Bank is a clever monetization mechanic as the offer grows more and more appealing the longer the player waits.

There is no question that Playrix know their way around the Match 3 genre. Gardenscapes and Homescapes are some of the most popular Match 3 games on mobile, and thus, it makes perfect sense for the studio to follow a similar approach with Wildscapes. That’s actually why we decided to add some new mechanics.

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Trimming a tree or shrub in order to make it fit a certain area can result in an unhealthy plant. In addition, spreading branches provide shelter to wildlife. The timing of planting is also very important to ensure that plants thrive. If possible, plant in the cool season to ensure plants are well established before the harsher summer months. The Texas A&M Forest Service has an excellentonlinetool available to help with planning your tree planting.

The number of stars depends on your performance; the better you perform, the more stars you earn. The gameplay isn’t easy like other traditional Match-3 games; here, you have limited moves that you must spend carefully. Once you run out of moves, the level will restart with a cost of one heart. There are only five hearts available in your meter, which means you can play the same level five times upon getting failed. The meter refills again after a specific time, and you will become able to play one once it gets empty.

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If you do not want to do likewise, turn the ”buy” option off from the Restrictions menu. Get unlimited money and coins and buy anything you want. Go and download Wildscapes mod apk right now. Customers have always asked for prices higher than regular days for any particular season like festivals or big holidays of the year. Take the chance to become a successful traveller during the year.

This event will help you complete difficult levels and advance faster in the game. By clicking on the progress indicator, you will find out how many points you need to score to level up. To buy jewelry and animals, you need coins that can be won at each level of match-3.