The skyrocketing popularity of TikTok (formerly known as continues to attract the young generation by storm. Originally started in China by a company called ByteDance, the app is turning out to be quite popular in India too. Even in the US, TikTok is gradually gaining a foothold against the likes of Instagram and Snapchat. To notice that by default the best quality will be selected but if you would like a specific quality or format, there are several options you can choose from. Find the video you want to delete by going to your account.

YouTube is perhaps the easiest way to track down any TikTok videos that you know a small amount about. As long as you have a few solid keywords, chances are you can find it on YouTube somewhere. In addition, users looking to track down compilations of the best TikToks as well as particular users and videos should consider using YouTube. While the TikTok app

is easily the best way to locate and enjoy the internet’s best TikToks, you don’t need it to watch the videos housed on the TikTok website. A visit toTikTok.comwill let you locate thousands of videos.

Alternatives To Tik Tok

Just launch the DIY tool and follow a simple click-through process to get your deleted videos back. Enable the syncing option for your TikTok videos with Google Drive or iCloud to keep them safe. Now, just tap on the heart icon from the top to view all the videos you have liked recently.

  • The long list of trending views based on your preference makes videos easy to access, increasing the addiction to the app.
  • Playlist downloads are limited to 10 videos at a time per playlist.
  • # Our Tiktok Video Downloader application is always free.
  • Creators often acknowledge their fans or answer questions they ask in exchange for these gifts, a portion of which they can convert into regular currency.
  • This method works only if the uploader isn’t blocking downloads for the video.
  • You want users read more about this to take action and CTAs help deliver results.

TikTok does have two serious failings, though, and both should give its hundreds of millions of users reason for concern. I have reported on TikTok security concerns for more than a year—but we are now in uncharted territory. The question I’m now asked more than any other, unsurprisingly, is whether TikTok is seriously that dangerous and whether users should seriously delete the app. 2) Now, tap on the “Share” icon on that specific video, see and select the “Copy Link” selection found in the “Share to” column. You can use our social media aggregator to generate all this content and display it on any website, automatically.

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After it, the clip will be automatically saved on your device, and you can play it on your default player. You will have the options to download Video files such as MPK, AVI, MP4, AVI, It automatically detects links from the Web browser or App, so you just need to copy the link. Visitors get to search videos of a TikTok user, by hashtag or music or video URL, watch them and download it in appropriate format easily. TikTok Video Downloader is premium WordPress plugin to provide easy to use TikTok video (watermarked and no-watermarked) and music download tool for the visitors.