Better still, Twitter should consider letting its users view nearby tweets on a map — we can already do this on Tweetie 2 , so why not make this a first on Android as well? It’ll be super useful for users to find out about regional events, regardless of radial distance. Until these ideas are implemented on the official app, third-party Android developers can safely stay in the Twitter game. As you can see in this final round, most of the third-party apps here don’t fare as well as the official Twitter app when it comes to list management, profile editing and widgets. On the other hand, Twitter’s app could do with support for multiple accounts to catch up with this round’s winner — TweetCaster.

Probably guys at twitter will soon make changes in API to disable these sites functioning. Amplify Publisher Partners can monetize live broadcasts to drive revenue from a visit this webpage live stream. Producer gives publishers a self-serve way to launch a professionally-produced live stream on Twitter. However, you’ll be able to see them only through a web client and not on your mobile app.

What Is Signal? How To Use The Encrypted Messaging App

By default, Twitter apps show you popular tweets unless you switch over to the chronological view. It is still possible to find your place again in your feed but that may not always hold true if you follow a lot of accounts. Almost of the stories covered in this section will be the result of strangers’ tweets. But that’s a good thing, because it turns Twitter into one of the most colorful places on the web.

  • Below you can see the tweet being posted to Twitter, which was scheduled using this method (even though I couldn’t find the scheduled tweet in the tools).
  • desired for the response, including one expansion for media to get additional media fields.
  • If you don’t recognize the source, you may want to learn more to determine how much you trust the content.
  • You can then tap a name in the search results list to view their profile.If you want to follow the person in question, tap Follow in the top-right corner of their profile page.
  • Once you’ve started to compose your Tweet you can add images using the camera icon within the Tweet composer.
  • You can even connect it to your Twitter account to Tweet without having to copy + paste.
  • That’s a must for any Twitter app, though we have to click a few times to switch between accounts.

As we all know, popular micro-blogging phenomenon, Twitter, allows users post tweets up to just 140 characters long. If you wish to post a message longer than that, you’ll need to resort to other web apps, such as TwitLonger, TweetExtend, RichTweet, TMI.ME, JumboTweet and EZTweets etc. Just like the Twitter web service itself, its official Android client doesn’t let users post a tweet longer than the conventional 140-character mark.

Stay Updated On Anyone’s Tweets Without Following Them

Below are the 15 notable Twitter apps you should try for your iOS and Android devices. In this article, we will be looking into 15 of the best Twitter apps that can substitute the official Twitter app to give you just the spice you need to enjoy microblogging more. Fair note, some of these apps would require a one-time full purchase to enjoy their perks. This newsletter may contain advertising, deals, or affiliate links. Subscribing to a newsletter indicates your consent to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

It is unfortunate that twitter aggressive use of caching and progressive app tech keeps breaking twitter on the web too, but that’s a conversation to another day. desired for the response, including one expansion for media to get additional media fields. From the past, twitter didn’t allow us to edit the tweet. At the beginning, it started its journey as an SMS messaging service. As we usually send a message not to take that back, Twitter didn’t allow us to edit previously.