That being said, LindoDeer can help establish a solid foundation as it covers more than apps I’ve used in the past. Lingodeer will be a powerful arm for your language learning. You will not have to LingoDeer apk be bored when learning through entertainment games on the app.

  • On the other hand Eurotalk, Pronunciator and 50Languages use all languages to teach all the other languages.
  • Besides, you get a voice-recording feature, listening and speaking practice, etc.
  • Subscribers get access to expansion materials, lesson notes, and a wide range of other features – some more useful than others.
  • What’s more, the lessons are well-structured and build on each other.

In phone you also record your speaking and in computer you can see tips. Maybe for someone Duolingo is better and for someone not. Duolingo has harder “exercises” like when you just collect the squares to complete a sentence you can choose harder version and write with you keyboard. I have never tried lingodeer but it has good reviews but in google was than Duolingo was in top 5 best language learners. According to this I think Duolingo is better but everyone has own opinion and experience so just respect for each other about these apps.

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I had to redo every lesson to “unlock” everything again. Now on loading screens, you sometimes see a little message reminding you to back up your data to prevent loss. I understand it was an honest error and I have of course gotten over it now, but it did sour me on the app for a bit. Our ratings are based on child development best practices.

I also find that I do it just for the rewards, but when it comes to actual learning it’s not very effective for me. On the other hand, I needed something to get me back into the habit of practicing my languages, and Duolingo gave me the motivation that I was lacking. It’s like what they say about exercise; the best exercise is the one that you’ll actually do. Now that I’m back into the habit, I’ve switched over to other apps that I find to be more effective.

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Learn Korean, Learn Japanese, Chinese has got great reviews and rating points on the Google play store. It is currently in the Editor’s Choice section of the play store. But the only drawback is Learn Korean, Learn Japanese, Chinese – LingoDeer is available for only mobile platforms. The official desktop version is not yet introduced by the developers.

But the one I’ve installed does not type Korean characters, only English. Is there one within the LingoDeer app that I can access to do the exercises that require typing in answers? I think this app is better for people who already know Korea and Korean culture a bit. Writing Hangul is tough at first, but once you get the strokes down, you’ll see that it’s a beautiful language and a lot of fun to write. This involves using the broader context of the syntax to figure out the specific meaning of a word. So, try to guess the meaning of new words with contextual information.