For iOS devices tap the button to close the game, then double tap it to open the console and force the app closed. There are a number of known bugs in the game — but thankfully none of them are game-breaking bugs as that would suck. There are surely others that belong to Buildings or Characters that we do not have in our game but the above gives you an idea of what to look for and what is good. This section is where we honor cheats of the past that no longer work because EA patched the part of the code in the game that allowed them to work. Some of these will be venerable and much-loved, and so we feel deserve to be honored here as now regretfully missed companions.

As befits a game centered around the antics of Homer Simpson, the in-game currency is donuts. While you are never forced to spend real cash to buy them, it can be awfully tempting. It takes me a few months to earn 50 Donuts the hard way, but EA will happily sell me a tray of 132 for $11.99 . There are plenty of other options from a dozen to a “Boatload” of 2,400. Clearly, plenty of players shell out for those donuts.

Expand Beyond The Shoreline With The Springfield Squidport!

A premium character that the player can unlock after purchasing the Lotto ‘N’ Liquor. A premium character that the player can unlock after purchasing Apu’s Apartment. A premium character the player could only unlock on Christmas Eve during the Christmas 2013 storyline. A premium character available at level 58 with the completion of the Maison Deriere. Successful mother of Milhouse and ex-wife of Kirk. A premium character that the player can unlock after purchasing the Cracker Factory.

A Golden Scratch-R costs 99¢/69p/€0,89 and the jackpot is 100 donuts. SomeTapped Outplayers posted on the game forums that they had received two content updates . The content ofthe twelfth content updatehad been downloaded with the content of the eleventh. Get one or two donuts and the player gets the chance to get three by paying $50000. Two expensive buildings came with the update, the «Escalator To Nowhere» and the «Popsicle Stick Skyscraper», each costing in great excess of the prices of the other buildings.

Running Updates List

This is a social game so you should definitely socialize in your game and get to know players. You can use the Gameteep Forums group for that, build up your social army for any game and earn credits. Some buildings does not only earn you money some of them unlocks you special Tapped Out characters that Homer Simpson blew away, such as Ned Flanders, Apu, Lisa, Bart, refer to this page for more tips Krusty and the list goes on. By purchasing special character building you will be able to unlock all the characters in the game and earn much more money with more characters working for you.

  • Maggie has had several rare occasions, where she’s had lines of spoken dialogue (see «Maggie’s Quotes» above).
  • In addition to the many rides and attractions of the “Springfield Squidport” like the Ferris wheel or the Frying Dutchman fried food service, the update also comes jam-packed with over 20 new decorations and buildings.
  • It was revealed that she later became a heroin addict which ended up ruining her singing career.
  • When a game slows down due to dwindling resources, the hack application is activated to solve the issue.