Moreover, Gruninger says Kidoodle.TV pays its content producers on the basis of user downloads, with flat rates per thousand views regardless of advertising — so it’s possible for them to earn more than they would with YouTube. “If applicable, this may result in a decrease in revenue from some creators,” YouTube said in a Sept. 4 statement. But he is going to have to balance real-time bidding with Kidoodle’s mission to screen ads for kid safety.

  • It works similar to the streaming service you probably use to watch marathons of your favourite shows.
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  • That is why we are providing APK files, which you can download and escape these restrictions.
  • On this page you can customize each profile and set shows per age category or even turn individual shows on and off.
  • With COVID-19 keeping many families at home, growth in streaming TV has exceeded all predictions, up 81 percent year-on-year according to one ratings report.

Since it is important to us to adapt the Kidoodle.TV service to the needs and wishes of our users, we have placed a lot of value on that information Kidoodle.TV apk and will use it to continuously refine the service and to strike the balance. Kidoodle.TV has no adult content and no commercials and is completely controlled by the parent. Find out how it all started from our interview with Mike below.

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Additionally, several new content acquisitions, including prominent brands like PAW Patrol, have positioned creators on the service in maximum visibility. The Kidoodle.TV Originals program works to nurture new talent and showcase them next to powerhouse brands for families around the world to discover. is a movement to inspire families to get back into reading and encourage the whole family to watch Kidoodle.TV together, which is refreshing and unique to our customers.» The Little Pim content is now available across mobile devices, connected TVs, and other streaming environments through the Kidoodle.TV service.

Kidoodle.TV is now available on iOS, Android, Apple TV, Fire TV, LG, Samsung, Chromecast, Roku, Amazon, Connected TV’s, HTML5 Web, and overall usage of the app has increased by nearly 1400% since 2018. With a staff of 35 people, Kidoodle.TV the company’s grossrevenue grew by 414% from the previous year. The Halifax-based company — which is a global distributor and content producer with several Canadian specialty TV channels including Family and Family Jr. — said WildBrain Spark had nearly 33 billion views worldwide last year. He says the Kidoodle.TV media platform — which switched last year from a completely ad-free model to a hybrid ad-subscription business — has attracted content producers who are worried about changes at Google’s YouTube unit. Kidoodle.TV co-founder Neil Gruninger says advertisers and content producers who want to reach children under the age of 13 are increasingly turning to the Calgary-based startup as an alternative to YouTube’s global platform. “We have over 21,000 licenced episodes on the service today, available in over 196 countries and territories globally,” Riddell says.

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