I personally think the hardest part of the job was the terrain we were working in. The most enjoyable part of the job was seeing results throughout a work week and feeling like we accomplished a good amount of construction with the time allotted. Each apprentice attends three years of related training and six week long training classes throughout their apprenticeship. There are certain skills that many lineman apprentices have in order to accomplish their responsibilities.

Other degrees that we often see on class a lineman resumes include bachelor’s degree degrees or diploma degrees. After orientation, you’ll be assigned to a crew of traffic signal technicians so that you can gain valuable hands-on training in the field. At the same time you begin work in the field, you’ll also begin regular classroom instruction in safety, electrical theory, circuitry, control devices and more. Assisted with installation, operation, maintenance and repair of overhead and underground electrical power lines and systems.

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Carry out emergency service restoration duties that will require after-hours availability or extended work hours over several days. Make recommendations for changes needed to improve the operations of assigned department as it relates to the position of Apprentice Lineman, Lineman and Journeyman Lineman. This position is accountable to the Region Line Manager and higher management of the Cooperative at all times for the efficient performance of individual responsibilities.

  • They may work individually or confer with engineers and architects to design the wiring for new construction.
  • When your name comes up on the books check out these helpful tips and you are called to go to work, you join the union as a groundman.
  • One of Justin’s friends, who worked in the electrical industry, encouraged him to enroll in the apprenticeship program.
  • In addition, they are gaining experience working on new technology.
  • Instead of formal testing for evaluation, articles of clothing must meet the quality standards before they can be sold and before the apprentice can begin a new design.
  • Apprenticeship provides an opportunity for people to get experience and instruction gaining the practical skills and knowledge to become a competent craftsworker.
  • Three years ago, he entered the apprenticeship program at Tacoma Power.

The tuition amount is payable to UFV at the time of registration. Program registration details will be emailed out to all accepted students, once registration opens. In this course students will learn about the care and use of climbing equipment, and demonstrate climbing on wood and steel structures, along with working on elevated platforms.

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Apprentices in the past were legally bound to their masters until the end of their term, and could be captured and returned to the master if they ran away, explains London Lives. The indentured apprenticeship is an ancient system of on-the-job training going back to the guilds of the Middle Ages. Apprentices – often children as young as 12 and 13 – signed a contract known as an «indenture,» binding them to serve a master for seven years, as described in London Lives, in exchange for learning his or her trade. Although the apprenticeship program has changed a great deal, a few trades still use the term ‘indenture’ because they do sign a contract with promises made by both employers and apprentices.