For example, Download Medscape APK for Android if you’re looking at a video on YouTube, refer to the ‘YouTube Video’ section. If you’re citing a newspaper article found online, refer to ‘Newspapers Found Online’ section. Again, an APA website citation is strictly for web pages that do not fit better with one of the other categories on this page. Look for the abbreviated journal title in the field «NLM Title Abbreviation».

Reviewing the literature may be thought of as similar to other paradigms in emergency medicine , such as advanced cardiac or advanced trauma life support. A very brief initial review or primary survey delivers quick answers and is followed by a more detailed examination or secondary survey. In the case of reviewing the literature, these two efforts correspond to determining whether the article is worth an in-depth reading, and if so, a thoughtful review.

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This approach applies to both quantitative research and qualitative research . In the past, some clinicians were taught that studies with flaws should be discarded. Today, it is important to consider all valid and reliable research informative to what we understand as best practice.

Do not use a comma between the poet’s name and page number. If you choose a long quote, some rules are just the opposite of how you would properly write a small quote — and you should be really careful not to mix them up. There is no need to start a short quote on a new line; you may write it just between the text.

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Use your MyAccess username and password to access online eBooks, streaming videos and database contents . Use the tabs below and menu on the right to research, locate, evaluate and cite resources. While at our office, we make sure that you receive the highest level of service and ensure that our dental work is of the highest quality. To ensure that you maintain great oral health, this level of quality needs to extend into your personal oral hygiene routine.

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  • While the use of UAVs in commerce is restricted by US Federal Aviation Administration regulations, draft guidelines are now being produced given the great potential of the technology.
  • Top 10 COVID-19 Infographics of 2020Although COVID-19 has dominated searches for clinical information by medical professionals this year, you may be surprised by which specific topics and related infographics were most popular.
  • This paper aimed at reviewing the literature to explore the evidence that maternal obesity can have a negative impact on breastfeeding rates.

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