If all your passwords are "123456" or "Kamala," you’re a security accident waiting to happen. A breach that exposes one of your accounts effectively exposes them all. You really should use a different password for every site, one that’s complex enough that nobody could guess it.

The last item, Identities, refers to a limited set of private data for use filling web forms. In testing, we couldn’t make it fill any forms, and our Steganos contact confirmed that this feature is not working at present.

  • I only want to see what is actually on my iPhone in my lists and not get stuff from the cloud.
  • I just downloaded Ecoute and was able to accomplish something that annoyed me about iTunes in just a few seconds.
  • Media Monkey looks interesting but I don’t need it – yet.
  • It’s the best tool to add your music to any Apple device, I’m surprised it’s not here.

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Your Internet Service Provider Knows More Than You Think

Likewise, a merchant who doesn’t have your real credit card number can’t sell the card data or overcharge you. Steganos Password Manager does offer some interesting features. You can create a read-only portable edition to carry with you. A virtual keyboard prevents keyloggers, even hardware-based ones, from capturing your master password. And it includes the expected password generator, with true randomization based on user activity. Editor’s Choice free password managers LastPass and Myki Password Manager & Authenticator are more effective, and the best commercial ones leave Steganos in the dust.

Privacy Guardian

In addition to passwords, Steganos can store bank accounts, credit cards, private favorites, and identities. Private Favorites are simply bookmarks that sync along with your passwords, so you can use them on all your devices. Think of them as login entries minus the login credentials.

Blur protects your privacy by masking email accounts, credit cards, and phone numbers. Suppose you make a purchase from a merchant using a masked email account, and a masked credit card. Mail from the merchant reaches your regular email inbox, even though the merchant doesn’t have that address. If the masked account starts getting spam, just delete it .

It offers multiple locations for encrypted file safes, along with the ability to convert a whole partition to a safe. It can also conceal the very existence of a safe, and it supports two-factor authentication. Steganos Password Manager covers basic password tasks, but it had trouble capturing common websites that competing products handle with ease. The remaining privacy components that used to round out this suite are simply gone. That being the case, there’s no reason to buy this suite. If you want Steganos encryption, just get Steganos Safe. Password management is becoming a common bonus feature in larger suites.

As with most competing products, you start your Steganos experience by creating a strong master password. But unlike most competing products, Steganos doesn’t automatically sync between devices. If you want syncing, you must configure it to use your own cloud storage service . Once you’ve done that, you can set up read-only password access for any number of Android or iOS devices; these don’t count against your five licenses.

McAfee comes with all the multi-factor authentication glory of True Key. Norton 360 Deluxe, Trend Micro, ESET, Kaspersky, and Bitdefender are among the other suites with a password manager built right in. Blur doesn’t block ads, and it doesn’t include file encryption, but its components are all directly aimed at protecting your privacy. Even if you do install the Steganos suite, consider trying Blur’s free edition for additional protection. Note that the $39-per-year premium subscription lets you use Blur on all your devices.