They also have the capability to overclock certain models of CPUs, and an increased number of various connection ports. Falcon Northwest began advertising in Computer Gaming World in 1993, claiming that the "Falcon MACH series are the first personal computers designed especially for the serious gamer in mind".

Still, in addition to the small clock-speed boost, the 3000G has a cheaper list price ($50 vs. $55) and supports overclocking. Being able to work and game on a single chip while paying less outweighs the G5400’s slight advantage in CPU-based tasks. In other words, its all-rounder status makes your money go much further. When we last challenged ourselves to build a $300 PC, we focused purely on the ability to complete everyday tasks, like browsing the internet or preparing simple documents for work and school.

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This will save you the most money, but be aware that taking this route negates one of the 3000G’s key features—support for overclocking. True, its predecessor, the Athlon 200GE, largely paved the way already. The 3000G is but an update to the 200GE, and sports only a modest bump in performance.

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Modular power supplies have cables that are detachable so unused cables do not create excess clutter but are often more expensive than their non-modular counterparts. Both fulfill the same purpose, but often Modular PSUs are preferred because they allow for better cable management, as they remove the issue of unused cable clutter that non-modular PSUs often have. Semi-modular power supplies come with only the necessary cables fixed, while cables that are not necessarily needed are able to be detached.

Don’t skimp on your power supply, as using a quality PSU saves you from headaches and the need to replace fried parts. Given the affordability of solid-state drives these days, we think a 512GB SATA SSD is a solid compromise between a large amount of storage space and faster read/write times. Sure, hard-disk drives offer more room for the same price, but they drag in speed. Outside of sale periods, the cheapest motherboard you can get is one with an A320 chipset, the most stripped-down of all the chipsets.

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For how to build your own 3000G system—plus real-world data on how it’ll perform—keep reading. So when AMD released its Athlon 3000G last November, we immediately wanted to get our hands on the $50 processor. A newer approach in the gaming PC industry is to create small form factor desktops that are more compact and easier to transport than a normal full-sized system. There are two types of PSUs, modular PSUs and non-modular PSUs. Non-modular PSUs come with fixed cables, meaning unused ones will be left unconnected.