EduBlogs also has global projects that classrooms can participate in. These tools connect students to other classrooms around the world, helping create cultural and social connections all while improving writing skills. From science reports to research journals, Book Creator helps students of any age create stunning digital books. Students from elementary to high school, in nearly any subject, can use this tool to demonstrate their learning in any subject. The examples related to a number of educational standards.

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A variety of tools can be used in the classroom to support student learning, ranging from traditional to high-tech options. Examples include the whiteboard, index cards, posters, audience response systems (e.g. clicker technology), Google collaboration tools, 3D printing, and wikis. Depending on course learning goals and outcomes, instructors may choose to use one or several of these tools to augment the teaching and learning environment in their classroom. In addition to the tabs below, Yale also offers Lecture Recordings, opportunities to produce Video Lessons or Video and Audio Clips, and support for use of Canvas @ Yale. Not every student has access to the technology they need to take part in remote learning. To remove barriers, we’re partnering with organizations to help your school and district connect students to internet access, devices, and other resources. We’re committed to providing free, ongoing support, resources, and learning opportunities so all students can earn college credit and placement this year.

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Chegg Study—Chegg provides study tools for college students, including a community of subject experts. Build lessons and add dynamic resources, curriculum standards and assessments—no matter where you or your students are. Capture and organize learning with a diverse toolset of photos, videos, audio and more, plus custom tagging and filtering features. Empower students and parents to stay connected with remote learning tools. Guide student growth with standard or score-based evaluation, connected to your curriculum standards. Employing AI, this tool examines and responds to the student’s own work—not generic examples—and it teaches students the principles of effective writing rather than simply correcting their mistakes. By learning to ask questions experienced writers ask automatically, students begin to express themselves with greater precision and power.

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Beyond the basics, Storybird also has a number of creative writing courses, including some taught by well-known authors and others which follow seasonal themes. Young students will benefit from the basic stories on Storybird; older students in middle and high school can create their own. This tool allows teachers to create a classroom blog, moderate content, control privacy and measure overall activity from each student. Teachers can easily add students to the blog, allowing them to create content and become writing contributors.

Posters are tools that enable visualization in the classroom to foster student learning. As such, posters are often created by students to display a significant course project, developing research, or a particular perspective for class to consider.

Or, if you prefer not creating a competition, you can make schoolwide goals such as the entire school spending on average 3 hours a week studying on an online platform. Most online tools require high-speed internet — not all students have this, requiring school districts to adapt rapidly and support accordingly. Education Computingoffers support for learning and information systems (CANVAS & OASIS) portal and as an information hub for technology and tools used in support of classroom, online, and in-hospital education. Through open source writing, students write and edit on a public digital platform geared towards an audience.