I’ve got AnyDVD HD, and a 4k Friendly LG Blu-Ray drive with the old friendly firmware. If you are going to download TV shows, Netflix Video Downloader also allows you to select titles in each season to download. Now you can freely stream your Blu-ray on Windows 10 with VLC or any other media players. Step 3: Locate to C:\ Program Files or C:\ Program Files(x86) and find out VLC Blu-ray directory. Taking a screenshot is so useful in all kinds of situations that everyone should know how to do it. From saving information to sharing error messages for troubleshooting, screenshots are vital. So, if you want to use Snipping tool to take partial screenshots, then just press the Start key present on the keyboard and search for the Snipping tool in the search box. In the above screenshot, you can see that OneDrive and MouseWithoutBorders utilities have written to the clipboard once each.

Once this is done you can open VLC, select Open Disc, click Blu-Ray and the movie should play. You can’t extract more than 5 files from a DMG simultaneously, and it simply won’t work with encrypted files or those bigger than 4 gigabytes. Continue to press the mouse button, release the keys. There is no manual way by which Windows can open DMG files. The FireShot software allows its users to screen capture a selected section of the page, an extended screenshot of a full web page, or across the visible area of the browser window. VLC supports multi-track audio and subtitles, speed control. When the conversion is done, you can enjoy you blu-ray movies with VLC player on Macbook. Step 4: Save the screenshot — Perform any edits you want, such as cropping the image to a specified area, and click the main File option in the top-left corner.

To load a video to YouTube, select the video from the media pane, then click the YouTube button. The moment you release the mouse button, that captured area will appear in the Snipping Tool window. However, this option is only available on the Windows 10 version of the app, and it is a great improvement since it enables you to VLC media player download include mouse cursor and drop-down menus in your screenshots. Click on the camera icon to take a screenshot using the Game Bar. You can also take screenshots of the active window. For this purpose, it might be useful to have an add-on that takes screenshots directly from the browser. The Snipping Tool is available in Windows 7 and newer. Print-key: This saves the full screen to the Clipboard. Hare are five free apps to get around the lack of native Windows DVD playback and let you enjoy your DVD collection.

Fullscreen snip: Captures the entire screen and displays a preview in the tool. Finally, Microsoft claims that you cannot use the Wireless Display app to display what it deems to be protected content.” So, any encrypted video content from apps like Netflix or Hulu won’t work. The same is true with the VLC Player apps for Android and iOS , so this is a quick way of getting content from your Windows machine to your cell phone. While Mac OS allows you to navigate to the drive within Finder in order to mount the file like a removable drive, Windows may run into some issues—especially since Windows wasn’t designed to read and usedmg files in the first place. Even when videos become too much, you can extract audio files and save them as MP3 for easy on-the-go listening.

The function key needs to be pressed on some PCs to use the Print Screen key. VLC media player can play high definition recordings of D-VHS tapes duplicated to a computer using This offers another way to archive all D-VHS tapes with the DRM copy freely tag. Windows users who do not have either a DVD codec or a DVD decoder will be unable to watch movies using that application. It’s a replacement for the Windows 10 snipping tool that you’ve already been familiar with for so many years. Adding to it, it allows annotations, smart sensing (automatic selection of the screenshot), moving resizing, or modifying the drawings added, easy to share by simply clicking choose a picture and upload” option from the program icon and share, support for Google WebP, adding transparent effects to your drawings, fast, simple, and handy interface, support for multiple languages and screens, and so on.