Over the course of the next several months, we plan to focus on the development of a flexible, API-based ecosystem with improved device integration methods. We will transition to new services and integrations that offer lower latency, higher reliability, and local execution. These new tools will simplify the user experience into a single mobile app with an intuitive and powerful design. Now open the new app, grant the required permissions, and you’re all set. You’ve successfully migrated all your data from the SmartThings Classic to the new SmartThings app. Make sure that you sign in with the same Samsung account you were using in the Classic app.

With a HomeKit-enabled garage door opener, you’ll never find yourself doubling back from a couple blocks away because you suddenly can’t remember if you closed the garage. Just ask Siri about the status, and have her close the garage if necessary. There are four Lyric thermostats from Honeywell that support HomeKit, including the second-generation Lyric Round, which we appreciated for its good looks and geofencing. The rectangular touchscreen Lyric T5, minimal square Lyric T6, and more traditional looking Lyric T6 Pro all support HomeKit, too. Netatmo’s Presence outdoor security camera has a built-in floodlight, plus night vision—take your pick—and it can replace any outdoor light fixture you already have. It can turn on the light all night, or only when it detects a person, an animal, or a car.

Ismartalarm Icamera Keep Pro

It installs with tape or screws/brackets for long-term stability and durability. There is no vibration sensor, but as a contact sensor it performed well and claims an impressive 3-year battery life, a year longer than the SmartThings . It also allows a slightly wider gap than the SmartThings Multipurpose, up to 5/8 inch, but the small magnet has to be placed in precisely the right spot for the contact to occur, making it more finicky.

Your application must then redirect the user to the SmartThings accounts server by calling an OAuth endpoint. A third-party application must authenticate with SmartThings using the Authorization Code flow. After saving the above information, you can return to the Register An Application page to access the client ID and client secret for this application. You will need this information in the authentication flow. Enter an Application Description to be shown in the SmartThings app.

Getting To Know: The Smartsense Presence

Home Assistant is very flexible, powerful system that can integrate all your devices in one ecosystem, but its open source nature would require some time to get used to. Ensure your Tasmota devices and SmartThings hub are assigned with static IP addresses. The announcement comes after Samsung recently added support for Assistant on its latest lineup of smart TVs. Moving forward, Google says you can expect more Samsung devices to come with the software built-in.

  • Be sure to set up some schedule to refresh your tokens every 15 days to avoid refresh token expiration.
  • Call it something like “My First SmartApp”.NamespaceThis field uniquely identifies your SmartApp in the event that someone else has written a SmartApp with the exact same name.
  • If you replace your Link, you will need to forget those devices and reconnect https://apk4.mobi them.
  • The process is easy and once completed, it will allow Alexa to control your Samsung Smart TV remotely.
  • You definitely don’t have to open the Assistant app… Not sure about the unlocking part… I was really excited about this feature and then I completely stopped messing with it.
  • Go to the «My Devices» tab, and click the name of the device you want to edit.