Sudoku can be played in books or from the local newspaper, but there are also a countless number of free apps for smart devices which feature the game. An injured person may find that one version of the game is too hard for them, but another feels more comfortable. The patient can take some time out of everyday to work on whichever one is easiest for them. Then after a few weeks, the patient can start to introduce the other versions and see how well they do. Once they’re comfortable with one format, playing another version that ventures into a weak area for them won’t seem so daunting. While this isn’t exactly a board game, it is card based and is a lot of fun.

While the site boasts that it is devised in part by neuroscientists, the science it’s based on is still not 100% proven. The company’s scientists completed their own study, where 4,715 people did either Lumosity training or online crossword puzzles for 10 weeks. The ones who played Lumosity did better on a cognitive assessment afterwards, according to that research. But do the games make you better at things besides taking tests similar to the games themselves?

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Unblock Me comes in two versions – the free version and the premium version. This puzzle-style game features an incredible selection of 16,200 free-to-play puzzle games. In each puzzle, there is a red block which needs to be unblocked. There are 5 difficulty levels, and no other puzzle game features more than 16,200 puzzles in a logic block-style game. There are 4 classic modes in the game including daily puzzle mode, multiplayer mode, relax mode and challenge mode.

  • Maybe this week they remembered where they left their keys, or the quiz they took didn’t seem so hard.
  • If you use it regularly, your IQ level will increase, your focus and critical reasoning ability will boost up.
  • » includes 30 Exercises and calls it a day out. So your brain is checked for fitness and with a detailed statistics recorded.
  • Brain Age is also available for the Nintendo Wii U, but not for the Switch, Nintendo’s most up-to-date gaming system.
  • The fitter your brain becomes, the easier learning becomes.
  • I know I am getting better with the games for sure….but whether or not it is helping me with things outside of the game….that I am not sure of.

The Mental Up game helps them increase their cognitive abilities with simple brain teasers. There are over 20 learning paths, each with 100s of games. Since this is a premium app, new games are getting added every day. It functions similar to Lumosity and has a plethora of games and tasks targeting our brain. The app is, in fact, developed by actual scientists and researchers who would like to improve brain functioning through common cognitive and neuropsychological tasks.

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